The African Parliamentary Union (APU) is a continental interparliamentary organization set up in Abidjan on 13th February, 1976

Its goals are :

  • to promote unity of action among parliamentary institutions of all African States;
  • Dedicate the APU as forum of National Parliaments of the African continent and as instrument of dialogue and parliamentary cooperation in the service of peace, democracy, good governance and sustainable development;
  • to strive for the systematic establishment of an authentic law-based African community founded on the political, economic, social and cultural realities of the continent;
  • to encourage contacts among African Parliamentarians, on the one hand, and between African Parliamentarians and Parliamentarians of other continents, on the other hand;

It contributes :

  • to the strengthening of the role and prestige of the parliamentary institution in Africa, by drawing inspiration from fundamental African and universal human values;
  • to the promotion of representative national parliaments of the populations;
  • to the promotion of interparliamentary cooperation and parliamentary diplomacy;
  • to the effective realization of the ideals of liberty, peace and justice as well as to the promotion of human rights;
  • to deepening the concept of democracy and to its effective functioning;
  • to the realization of the objectives of the Organization of African Unity for the establishment of a lasting peace through dialogue within the framework of the inter-African co-operation and the promotion of the policies of good neighbourliness, peaceful co-existence and African unity.

The APU is a forum for parliamentary cooperation, for promoting peace, democracy, good governance, sustainable development and social progress in Africa. For this purpose, it holds annual conferences in order to discuss these matters and also organizes parliamentary meetings in cooperation with International Organizations or Institutions.

At present, 41 National parliaments are members of the APU.

The working languages of the Union are English, Arabic, French and portuguese.

The African Parliamentary Union has become a privileged venue for  parliamentary dialogue and action in Africa . The subject and the content of its resolutions as well as the relevance of the recommendations adopted at its conferences show its commitment to all that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable development in Africa based mainly on security and peaceprevention of conflictshuman rights and democracy, participation of womengood governance, fight against poverty and against corruption, …..

In addition to its conferences, , the APU, in partnership with the Arab Inter-Parliamentary, organizes every two years the Afro-Arab Parliamentary Conference Union the latest of which (the 14h Conference) took place in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) in may 2016.

The African Parliamentary Union works with international organizations and national parliamentary for promoting peace, democracy and sustainable development in African countries, especially through the organization of thematic conferences and information and training seminars for parliamentarians.

 The APU Headquarters is in Abidjan. A Headquarters Agreement was signed on January 7th, 1983, between the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire and the African Parliamentary Union.

Contact :

African Parliamentary Union
General Secretariat
30 Roume Bd.,  Plateau  district.
P.O. Box V 314 Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.
E.Mail :;

Phone : (225) 27 20 30 39 70 to 74 / 27 20 30 39 79 ( Secretary-general's office )
Telecopy : (225) 27 20 30 44 05 to 09